About Me


Keezy Young is a comic artist and illustrator based out of Seattle.

She grew up drawing on her mother's walls, sneakily staying up late to read by nightlight, and later, cutting class to go to the library and sketch. Any opportunity to con her teachers into letting her illustrate a book report instead of writing one was taken. Although her art is self-taught, she credits Digimon and Studio Ghibli as important influences.
Today, Keezy writes, draws, and designs her own young adult comics. Her stories are cute, eerie, and sometimes dark, but always hopeful at their core. Her work is character-focused, and she uses action, romance, and mystery to explore LGBTQIA characters and themes, since those are the stories she always looked for growing up, but could rarely find. 

Photoshop is her tool of choice these days, but her roots in pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor show in her vivid colors and atmospheres. 

Keezy's first graphic novel, Taproot--a story about a ghost and a gardener--debuted in September 2017 with Lion Forge. Yellow Hearts is an ongoing, serialized dark adventure webcomic published by Sparkler Monthly. You can also find her work in anthologies such as The Beyond Anthology Volume 2, Bring Down the Sky, and The Dream Cluster. Other credits include several short self-published comics, and she has worked collaboratively on a few projects (including Circadia, written by Jennifer Dugan). Keezy has also worked on covers for a number of IDW properties, including the Jem series.

You can contact her at keezycomics@gmail.com.

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