Never Heroes (webcomic)

(March 2018--present)

Three kids make an ill-advised (but well-intentioned) deal with a demon in the woods one day. Twenty years later, Levi, Rowan, and Alder meet again to find their past has caught up to them. But a lot changes in twenty years, and they aren't as innocent as they used to be.

Note - Never Heroes: Yellow Hearts used to be titled just "Yellow Hearts" and was originally launched in May of 2016 on Tapastic. It was relaunched under the new name in March 2018 after a long hiatus. 

You can read Never Heroes on Sparkler Monthly.

The July Fashion Issue

(April 2017)

A short comic about a girl who can bring her clothing to life. The July Fashion Issue will be published in the Beyond Anthology Volume 2.


(September 2017)

Taproot is a queer supernatural romance about a gardener who can see ghosts, and the ghost who falls in love with him.

Published by Roar (an imprint of Lion Forge Comics) September 2017. You can order Taproot online or find it in stores at any location that sells comics!